If you’re hard to read, you’re easy to ignore.

In today’s crowded media and marketing landscape, no one has the time or attention span to read bloated, confusing, or error-ridden copy. If your reader’s eyes glaze over when they read your work, they’ll lose interest and go somewhere else.

I can help. I specialize in making writing better. I’ll tighten and polish your text to make it clearer and more confident, correcting any formatting or grammatical errors along the way.

I’ve spent the last 20 years honing my skills as an editor and proofreader at organizations like Toyota and AOL, and I’m very good at it. Clients call me their “secret weapon” and “one of the best editors I’ve ever worked with.” One client said: “LIKE DAY AND NIGHT - WOW! … Wish I’d discovered Jennifer George before.” See here for more feedback.

My skills and background also make me an excellent transcriptionist, serving clients with quick, accurate, readable transcripts of conference calls, interviews, and focus groups.

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